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Pontailler sur Saône

Pontailler sur Saône, le pays vert et bleu

The green and blue country

Pontailler is found on the junction of the river Saône, the Canal de la Marne à la Saône and the river Albane. The rivers Bèze, Vingeanne and Ognon also converge and join at this town located at the foot of Mount Ardoux. This makes the town a true haven for those who enjoy fishing and for those who are searching a great view!
The Ognon is a great place to go on a canoeing trip through the countryside. Here the tourists gather to enjoy the clearness and beauty of the water by indulging in some bathing or water sports. The beach is patrolled during the summer by lifeguards and the water quality is excellent. Here in this slice of heaven, nature lovers and other can savour the stunning scenery and tranquillity…

Navigation on the river Saône :

The river Saône travels through the hills of some of the most famous vineyards of the Chalonnaise region, from the Mâconnais to the Beaujolais, you are sure to find a wine to your taste. Flowing gently onwards the river Saône will take you past fortified villages and into a true fishermen’s paradise where the slow and regular flow of the river make fishing easy and relaxing.

The Canal de la Marne à la Saône :

In the middle of the wilderness, this canal offers perfect peace and serenity, helping you to relax as you flow along its waters. Taking in the country around you, you may glimpse some of the multitude of birds which make their homes along this canal, from the heron to the swallow or even a blue tit…

To see :
the fishermen’s houses, the galleries, the forest farms (to taste their home grown produce!), the fortified village of Pesmes, the Châlonnais forest (2nd largest hunting ground in France, contains Gallic ruins), Mount Ardoux, and the local markets.

To Taste :
Pôchouse (a type of bouillabaisse made from fresh water fish), ham, parsley, Dijon mustard.

To Know :
At Maxilly sur Saône it is possible to receive fly fishing lessons from a professional fisherman , he is one of the last professional fishermen who supplies a restaurant with his catch.

Most Important :
the villages and grottos of Bèzes with their Bèze remains and galleries

Discover the maps of information and tourist attractions of your route from Pontailler-sur-Saône

From Pontailler sur Saône :

Pontailler s/Saône - St Jean de Losne - Pontailler sur Saône : 74 km - 4 locks - 10 hours

Mini week
Pontailler s/Saône - Savoyeux - Pontailler s/Saône : 114 km - 12 locks - 14 hours
Pontailler s/Saône - Dôle - Pontailler s/Saône : 104 km - 22 locks - 18 hours

One week
Pontailler s/Saône - Dijon - Pontailler s/Saône : 136 km - 48 locks - 30 hours
Pontailler s/Saône - Châlon s/Saône - Pontailler s/Saône : 194 km - 8 locks - 20 hours
Pontailler s/Saône - Scey s/Saône - Pontailler s/Saône : 208 km - 22 locks - 28 hours

One week one way
Pontailler s/Saône - Chagny - Louhans : 213 km - 33 locks - 31 hours

Two weeks
Pontailler s/Saône - St Léger sur Dheune - Louhans - Pontailler sur Saône : 411 km - 50 locks - 55 hours
Pontailler s/Saône -Montchanin - Pontailler s/Saône : 294 km - 78 locks - 54 hours
Pontailler s/Saône - Corre - Pontailler s/Saône : 310 km - 34 locks - 40 hours
Pontailler s/Saône - Besançon - Pontailler s/Saône : 218 km - 66 locks - 44 hours

In 4 weeks : Circuit of Burgundy
Departing Digoin or Pontailler sur Saône by the Canal of Nivernais, the Yonne, Burgundy Canal, the Saone, the Canal du Centre.

In 5 weeks : the large loop
Departing from Digoin Pontailler sur Saône, the side channel of the Loire, Briare canal, the Canal du Loing, Yonne, Burgundy Canal, the Saone, the Canal du Centre.
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