Choosing your boat

The boat that you rent will become your home for the entire duration of your voyage, therefore its important to choose the right boat. All our boats offer a minimum level of comfort including: hot water and cold water under pressure, showers, toilets, kitchen and heating. The level of comfort and the amount of equipment varies for each boat.

The number of people that need to be accommodated on the boat is normally a determining factor in your choice and hence the number of people that can sleep on the boat is indicated by the number preceding the word ‘people’.

Example :
6/8 +1 people, the first number (6) indicates the sleeping capacity that can be achieved without anyone sleeping in the lounge room. The second number (8) indicates the sleeping capacity if you use the lounge room. The third number (1) indicates the possibility of an extra bed for a child (-6years), this is normally folding bed in one of the cabins.

For a trip of a week or longer, we do not recommend using the maximum sleeping capacity as the comfort aboard the boat will be seriously reduced and there will not be enough equipment for so many people for one week (i.e. Toilets, showers, fridge etc)