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Discover all our tourist information from Digoin. Discover the heart of the country charollais by navigating the canal of the center, the side canal or the canal of Roanne. Rent a boat without licence and leave to the tasting of local products.

A charming village
Digion is located in the centre of the Charolais country and is the ideal place to savour the local produce of the Burgundy region. This is an important area for pottery, but it is also considered a city of water as it is situated on the junction of 3 canals. This makes it heaven for those that adore fishing and nature lovers. Travelling along the different canals you can explore either vast wild spaces, places of ancient Roman art or come across talent craftsmen (glassblowers, weavers, carpenters, potters and more…).
Take a moment to stroll along the stone canal bridge, an architectural masterpiece which links the Central Canal to the Side Canal of the Loire.

Navigation on the Central Canal :
This canal was originally known as the Charolais Canal; it serves as the link between the Loire and Saône rivers and is 125 km long. It was used for a long time by the heavy industries located throughout the region as a transport route. Possessing several automatic locks, it is a charming canal to sail along as it is narrow and winding.

Navigation sur le canal de Roanne à Digoin :
Ce canal propose un séjour très ombragé et très calme, invitant à un accostage sauvage. A proximité, le circuit des églises romanes brionnaises.
Ponctué seulement de 10 écluses, le canal de Roanne à Digoin vous conduira à travers les pâturages du Brionnais où vous rencontrerez les bœufs blancs charolais.

Navigation on the Canal de Roanne à Digion :
This canal offers you a shady and tranquil cruise through the native countryside which is just begging you to stop and explore it. Nearby you can find the Brionnais Roman church circuit.
Punctuated by only 10locks, the canal de Roanne à Digion will take you through the Brionnais pastures where you can admire the famour white Charolais cattle…

Navigation on the Canal lateral à la Loire :
With its 3 canal bridges, the canal latéral à la Loire is a pleasant waterway possessing few locks. From Digion to Briare you will meander through the Bourbonnais landscape before finally arriving in the country of Sancerre and Pouilly, home to some of the famous French wines.

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To See :
The ceramic museum, the canal bridge, the costume museum, the observaloire.

To Taste :
Charolais beef, Burgundy snails, the Canalous plate (4 fresh water fish), potatoes stuffed with Burgundy snails…

To Know :
Digion is situated at the crossing of 5 rivers: the Arroux, the Bourbince, the Vouzance, the Arconce and the Loire.

Most Important :
The Festival of the Snail (1st weekend in August), the walks along the towpath of the Central Canal from Digion to Paray Le Monial (17km) through a landscape of groves and meadows.

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From Digoin :

Digoin – Génelard – Digoin : 66 km – 22 locks – 13 hours

Mini week
Digoin – Briennon – Digoin : 86 km – 16 locks – 19 hours

One week
Digoin – Roanne – Digoin – Paray le Monial – Digoin : 140 km – 28 locks – 32 hours
Digoin – Ecuisses – Digoin : 128 km – 62 locks – 36 hours
Digoin – Nevers – Digoin : 198 km – 44 locks – 32 hours
One way Digoin – Chatillon en Bazois : 117 km – 38 locks – 27 hours
One way Digoin – Briare : 195 km – 36 locks – 31 hours

Two weeks
Digoin – Louhans – Digoin : 384 km – 132 locks – 69 hours

In 4 weeks: Circuit of Burgundy
Departing Digoin or Pontailler sur Saône by the Canal du Nivernais, the Yonne, Burgundy Canal, the Saone, the Canal du Centre.

In 5 weeks: The large loop
Departing from Digoin Pontailler sur Saône, the side channel of the Loire, Briare canal, the Canal du Loing, Yonne, Burgundy Canal, the Saone, the Canal du Centre.


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