Rent a boat without a license for the day in Briare

The license-free boat for the day, Wanday, for a family or friends outing in Briare

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Explore Briare and its region in the Loiret department of the Centre-Val-de-Loire region with a one-day license-free barge rental. On the water, you’ll have a unique perspective of this beautiful region. You’ll pilot your own license-free boat and can plan your day’s itinerary as you wish: visit the region’s points of interest and landmarks, relax and unwind on the boat, or take a stroll along the towpath.
An unusual activity for your holidays or weekends, perfect for sharing with friends or family.

License-free boat Wanday: Equipment

What equipment is available for the one-day license-free boat Wanday? On the barge, you’ll find everything you need for a wonderful day with family or friends. The equipment is designed to be simple, without unnecessary extras. The Wanday boat is a flat-bottomed barge, fully open to nature, with a roof to shelter from the sun and rain. Onboard, you’ll find a table and 12 chairs, a sanitary area with marine toilets and a sink, as well as all the basic safety equipment you may need during your boat trip.

One-day boat itineraries departing from Briare

Our license-free boat rental base in Briare is located next to the splendid Briare aqueduct. So, you can take the time to admire it before your departure and perhaps even navigate on this monument, which has been classified as a historical monument since 1976.

Heading north, you can navigate the Briare Canal and enjoy its vast natural spaces. While piloting a license-free boat, you’ll cross several ponds, reaching Gazonne, where you can enjoy a bucolic picnic with family or friends on board the boat or on the bank. During your boat adventure, you’ll be amazed at the changing landscapes at each lock passage. It promises to be an exciting boat ride. The pumping station located along the canal is an interesting stop to punctuate your day on the license-free boat. It dates back to 1895 and still supplies water to the Briare Canal today.

Heading south, just a few meters from our barge rental base, you’ll cross the famous Briare aqueduct. Your journey will then continue on the lateral canal of the Loire. Navigation is easy on this part of the canal, and you’ll encounter few locks. The landscapes alternate between wild landscapes and crossings of welcoming small villages. In one day of navigation, you have the possibility to reach Belleville-sur-Loire and return to the port. For lunch, many restaurants are located along the route, unless you bring your picnic to have lunch directly on board for a meal on the water.

Practical Information

Boat Rental:

Half-Day Rates (except Sundays and holidays)
Full-Day Rates
9:30 AM – 6:00 PM€149 all-inclusive €210 all-inclusive

This rate includes: boat rental, equipment for a maximum of 12 people. This includes: sunshade canopy, large table, and 12 chairs, toilet and sink. Also included in this price is boat insurance, boat piloting instruction, boat familiarization, and fuel

Security Deposit: €500